How It Happened Whenever Straight Boys Touched Another Dick For The First Time

How It Happened Whenever Straight Boys Touched Another Dick For The First Time

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What the results are when men whom diagnose as right get the opportunity to touch another mans manhood for the first time? YouTube movie stars Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers, aka Bria&Chrissy, wished to find out, so that they employed multiple happy heterosexual gentlemen having an up close and private knowledge about Alex, a man “exactly who goes wrong with have a penis.”

The video is the latest in a series through the self-described “vocal duo/lesbian couples” who possess in addition introduced all of us movies like “Lesbians Touch a knob For The First Time” and “Gay Males Touch pussy the very first time.”

To learn more about the motivation because of this video, along with what Bria&Chrissy wish people to eliminate using this feel and the things they’d say to someone who believes the clip is actually silly or frivolous, we spoke aided by the duo previously recently.

The Huffington article: in which did the concept for your video come from? Bria&Chrissy: following popularity of initial two clips in the show, they stimulated you to keep to drive the package. The responses have actually varied from videos to video clip, and lots of of the opinions reveal the very differing methods we view women and men because pertains to sex. And they’re rather enjoyable to view!

Just how difficult was just about it to locate straight-identified guys who would accept be in the movie? Where did you see them?It was actually hard to find straight men who have been safe participating. We asked about 40 men, company, associates — Craigslist! We expected folks. We’d expected four men in videos but best discover three that were willing to participate.

What declaration will you be attempting to make regarding how our world views various areas of the body, masculinity and sexuality?The report originates from the reaction of the visitors. All of our earliest videos where lesbians contact a penis is chuckled at. It absolutely was amusing and cute so there was actually an enjoyable fascination that reached be discovered. As soon as we have homosexual boys touch a vagina, your ex was actually ridiculed as a slut in reviews and lots of some other remarks comprise sexual in the wild. There was no difference in these movies except that there is a gender reverse. This new video clip will positively garner numerous reactions.

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